Top 1000 Girl Dog Names – Which One Is Your Favorite?

Picking the perfect name for your young puppy girl or your newly adopted adult female girl can be quite a difficult task. Unlike with human babies, where you have 9 months to think of the perfect name for your bundle of joy, with pups you usually need to go through thousands of female dog names … Read more

Ringworm in Dogs – Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

It may sound like a worm or parasite, but ringworm in dogs is actually a fungal infection. Its medical name is dermatophytosis and can occur I dogs, cats and in people. It causes hair loss in patches with a crusty covering. The infection can easily be passed on from one dog to another, or to … Read more

Largest Dog Breeds

Are you one of the people who just have a thing about large dogs? If you are thinking about getting a large dog, here are some facts and features about the world’s biggest dog breeds, and everything you need to know before adding one of these big pups to your family. Historically, large dog breeds … Read more

The Best 5 Dog Shock Collars 2019 [Pros and Cons]

If you are having problems teaching your dog to stop chasing cars or to stop barking at every single person who passes by, you may want to try a safe and effective shock collar. If used properly as an obedience training tool, a dog shock collar can do wonders only after the first few times … Read more

The 12 Best Wireless Dog Fences in 2019

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How to Treat and Prevent Hot Spots on Dogs 2019

Does your pup suffer from hot spots, especially when the summer comes? You are not alone. Hot spots in dogs are a common skin condition among canines of all breeds and types. They seem to appear out of nowhere and cause pain and irritation as well as stress for the dog and for the dog … Read more

Puppy Shots Schedule: Vaccination Schedule for Puppies

With all puppies, the earlier you start with their socializing and training, the better. It is important to know, that in order to take your puppy out safely to meet other dogs, or to enroll it in puppy kindergarten, it needs to have had all the required puppy vaccines. Also, sticking to the puppy shot … Read more

Mange in Dogs: Demodectic and Sarcoptic Mange in Canines

If you follow the news about dogs, including stories about neglected, abused or stray animals, you have probably seen the sad photos of dogs in horrible condition, including dogs which seem to have no hair, and have crusty thickened patches all over their bodies. These dogs with severe cases of mange are commonly described as … Read more