Apoquel Alternatives

If your dog has atopic dermatitis, you’ve probably tried everything to get rid of the rash. The worst aspect is that your pet will feel like it is continuously on fire due to the itching of atopic dermatitis. Your dog’s itching won’t go away entirely with an antihistamine, even if it helps a little. You’re … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Tuna? Is Tuna Safe For Dogs?

Did you know that about 89% of Americans enjoy canned tuna, probably every day? This statistic shows how likely it is to find tuna in a household. Tinned tuna is affordable and an excellent source of nutrients. It is a highly digestible protein rich in omega-3 fats. But what if your dog eats tuna? Shall … Read more

Dog Drinking A Lot Of Water. What Does It Mean?

Have you noticed that your dog is drinking more water than usual? There are various causes for increased thirst in canines, ranging from simple explanations to more serious underlying health problems. Nursing dogs and more active dogs will drink more water than usual. Some may empty their water bowl of sheer boredom or when they … Read more

My Dog Ate Weed! What Now?

Now that cannabis use has been legalized in many US states, more people have access to it. Unfortunately, according to the statistics of the Animal Poison Control Center of the ASPCA for the last two years, the cases of marijuana poisoning in dogs have increased by a whopping 765% compared to previous years. While it … Read more

Is Grain Bad For Dogs?

We dog parents all want what is best for our beloved companions. One of our main priorities is to feed our pets with the best, most balanced, nutritious, and healthiest dog food. The problem is that in recent years there has been much controversy surrounding grain-free dog foods and whether eating grain is good or … Read more

Is Grain Free Bad For Dogs?

With the increasing popularity of grain-free dog foods in current times and the panic surrounding the latest studies regarding the correlation between grain-free dog foods and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in canines. Nowadays, more dog parents are facing the dilemma of whether to feed their pups on grain-free or on regular diets. Here are some of … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Marshmallows? Are They Suitable for Dogs?

While marshmallows are an all-year snack, they are significantly more popular in the last quarter of the year. They are made of sugar and gelatin and filled with air, making them easy to melt in the mouth. Marshmallows are savory and a perfect treat for humans. Yet, most people will wonder whether to give these … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pistachios Pistachios! How Risky Are They For Dogs?

Perhaps you like to eat pistachios before going to bed to help improve sleep quality and duration. It is an excellent solution to sleep issues. But is it also suitable for your favorite pet—your dog? There is no definitive answer to whether pistachios are suitable for your dog as it depends. These nuts are rich … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Toilet Paper?

There are some things our four-legged best friends indulge in that defy common sense. One odd, notorious behavior is eating weird things from grass to playdough, poop, and even toilet paper. If you’ve walked past the bathroom or hallway only to find a messy toilet paper trail and a guilty-looking dog, this article is for … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Apricots?

Before giving your dog some of the fruit you are eating, you have to ensure it is safe for them to eat. Say, for example, you enjoy some apricots and see your dog drooling over them. What do you do in this case? Do you just give him the apricots? Let’s see. Are Apricots Safe … Read more