10 Great Dogs Walks in Yorkshire

Do you feel like getting some exercise with your four-legged pal? Both people and their canine companions are welcome on these breathtaking hikes through God’s Own County. A dog walk in Yorkshire is a thing of glory because it features babbling brooks, beautifully rugged moors, and a sky that seems to stretch on forever. Just … Read more

26 Largest Dog Breeds Ever – 2022

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Can Dogs Drink Whiskey? Learn Now.

Whiskey and other alcoholic drinks are toxic for dogs and can even cause death. Most likely, dogs won’t like the alcohol’s taste, but they might ingest it in sweet drinks or other foods. How Much Whiskey Can A Dog Drink? The amount of ethanol required to create intoxication depends on the concentration of the substance … Read more

My Dog Ate a Maxi-Pad! Here’s What To Do (Vet Answers)

Although Maxi-pads are made from different types of materials, an average one is from bleached rayon and cotton. Dogs like Maxi-pads because of their menstrual discharge. Dogs are known to raid kitchen trash cans, often because they are attracted to the smells of food leftovers. Dogs are attracted to organic waste, such as urine, feces, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Rice Krispie Treats?

Rice Krispie Treats are a delicious, ready-to-eat snack that has become a popular choice over the years. These treats are delicious for humans but are they also great for dogs? Dogs should not eat rice Krispie Treats. They are loaded with sugar, salt, fillers, and artificial flavors that can cause problems for dogs. You should either limit or stop … Read more

20+ Hypoallergenic breeds for People with Dog Allergies

Do you or a family member suffer from dog allergies, but you can’t imagine life without a four-legged friend? Unfortunately, you are not alone. In fact, about 10% of all people in the US have some sort of pet allergy. This shouldn’t stop you from living normally with a dog at home. Certain dog breeds … Read more

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Blue Nose Pitbull: Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

Blue Nose Pitbulls are rare American Pit Bulls with beautiful blue-grey noses and are simply a bloodline that carries this recessive feature rather than a separate dog breed. The specific genetic trait is a recessive one, and it causes this specific and very interesting pigmentation of the nose of these dogs. Being so rare and … Read more

11 Signs Your Dog Going into Labor Soon!

When your pregnant dog’s due date approaches, it’s a good idea to be aware of the symptoms that she’s about to give birth. Here are some things to keep an eye out for. Assuming your dog has been pregnant for the whole 63-day period and you have a good idea of when she could deliver, … Read more