Australian Shepherd: Dog Breed Information

The Australian Shepherd breed actually originated in the US and not in Australia, despite what its name suggests. The breed was first developed during the so-called Golden Rush during the 1840s in the western states. This wonderful dog breed was bred to herd sheep and livestock, and today the Aussie still is one of the … Read more

Australian Cattle Dog: Breed Information

Australian Cattle Dog Highlights Temperament: intelligent, hardworking, loyal Height at the shoulder: 18 – 20 inches for males and 17-19 inches for females Weight: 30 to 50 pounds Life expectancy: 12-16 years Breed Group: Herding Dogs About the Australian Cattle Dog breed Also referred to as a Blue Heeler, Australian Heeler, Halls Heeler or a … Read more

French Bulldog: Dog Breed Information

Highlights Temperament: playful, intelligent and adaptable Height at the shoulder: 11-13 inches Weight: up to 20-28 lbs. for males and 16 to 24 for females Life expectancy: 10-12 years Breed group: Non-Sporting Group About the French Bulldog breed This amazingly cute bat-eared small Bulldog like dog breed is the 4th most popular dog breed in … Read more

Golden Retriever: Dog Breed Information

Highlights Temperament: friendly, loyal, smart Height at the shoulder: 23-24 inches in males and 21.5-22.5 inches in females Weight: 65-75 lbs. for males and 55-65 lbs. for females Life expectancy: 10 to 12 years Breed group: sporting group About the Golden Retriever breed The Golden Retriever is the third most popular dog breed in the … Read more

Pomsky: Dog Breed Information & Pictures

The Pomsky is an amazingly cute dog with adorable looks which has become an increasingly popular choice for a pet, especially among people who live in apartments and in busy cities. What may have started up as an accidental crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, or was a direct result of a viral … Read more

Blue Nose Pitbull: Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics

Blue Nose Pitbulls are rare American Pit Bulls with beautiful blue-grey noses and are simply a bloodline that carries this recessive feature rather than a separate dog breed. The specific genetic trait is a recessive one and it causes this specific and very interesting pigmentation of the nose of these dogs. Being so rare and … Read more

The Full List of Mastiff Dog Breeds

Mastiff dogs are believed to be descendants of the now extinct ancient Molossus livestock guardian dogs which are represented in art and artifacts dated back to ancient Greek and Ancient Roman times. This makes these dogs one of the oldest dog breeds which have lived along with our ancestors for ages. The different Mastiff-type dogs … Read more

Cute Dog Breeds – in All Sizes, Shapes and Colors

Cute Dog Breeds Every dog owner thinks that their pup is the cutest one in the world, right? With all those adorable dogs out there it is absolutely impossible to pick the favorite and the cutest breed of them all, but still, some dog breeds are just so irresistibly cute that you simply can’t help … Read more

Terrier Breeds: The Full Guide

Terriers get their name from Terra which is Latin for Earth. The dogs from the terrier breed can vary a lot, but overall they have more similarities than differences. These dogs are amazingly intelligent, alert, fast and agile animals, which have their own specific character traits and peculiarities, but as a whole, the dogs from … Read more

27 Great Dogs for Families with Kids

Most people who have dogs consider them as a family and as their own children. But when the human children enter the picture as the family starts to go, things can get more complicated when it comes to having dogs. Not that a dog and a child can’t grow up together as best buddies but … Read more