Belgian Malinois: Dog Breed Information

Bred as herding dogs for sheep, the Belgian Malinois is highly intelligent, hard-working, and extremely loyal dogs which will create an unbreakable bond with their owners. They are the most popular of the four closely related Belgian Shepherd Dog breeds. Mals are commonly used as police dogs, as well as for guard dogs and family … Read more

Boxer: Dog Breed Information

The Boxer has been among the top 10 favorite and most popular dog breeds in the USA ever since the 1950s, and there are many good reasons for that. These dogs look great, they are affectionate, funny, loyal, athletic, and have a great work ethic. Bred to be medium-sized guard dogs, today the Boxers are … Read more

Spaying and Neutering Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Deciding to neuter or spay your dog can be a nerve-racking moment for both experienced and new dog owners. Questions like – Will my fur baby be OK? What if she wants to have puppies? Will, my neutered dog get fat? are just a few of the concerns about the decision to spay or neuter … Read more