Can Dogs Eat Spaghetti Squash?

As its name hints, spaghetti squash has a stringy appearance when cooked and is excellent for a family dinner. This type of winter squash is rich in various nutrients, hence, its growing popularity. A regular serving is a welcome idea if you are into healthy living. Most of us regard our canines as part of … Read more

Can Dogs Drink Ensure?

Ensure is a dairy supplement made with a mixture of ingredients to satisfy nutritional needs. It has high-quality milk, soy proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Is Ensure Good For Dogs? The supplement contains healthy nutrients and calories essential for your dog’s health. The supplement’s ingredients maintain your dog’s growth and good health. However, given that it … Read more

Help! My Dog Ate Glass!

While humans always control what goes into their mouths, dogs do not. They are equal-opportunity eaters as they will put anything that looks or smells edible into their mouth and chomp down on it. This may sometimes be broken shards from light bulbs or glass ornaments. If you suspect your dog ate glass, it can … Read more

My Dog Ate Sunflowers. Are Sunflowers Toxic to Dogs?

Sunflowers are some of the most striking, cheerful blooms. They bring a lot of color and beauty to your outdoor space and can brighten your day. These cheery blooms are the epitome of summer, and their stunning yellow, red, or purple petals are a feast for the eyes. But are sunflowers dog-safe in your yard … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Stuffing?

You might want to share a delicious thanksgiving dinner you prepared for your family with your furry friend. Usually, the holiday delicacy contains turkey and stuffing. While dogs can eat plain turkey as it provides various nutritional benefits, is stuffing safe for them? Can Dogs Eat Stuffing? Well, it depends on the ingredients used when … Read more

Flaxseed Oil For Dogs. Yes Or No?

Flaxseed oil, often known as flax or Linseed oil, is extracted from flax plant seeds. It contains a lot of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acids, and healthy fats. The oil also contains dietary fiber that presents health benefits such as intestinal flow and reduced constipation. Flax oil is commonly used … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Snow?

Snow – It’s festive, fun, and exciting, and most of us love it, including dogs. During winter, when taking your dog for a walk, it will likely jump and roll in the snow delightedly. It may also try to pick some snow with its mouth – and the bits may end on its tongue. Dogs … Read more

Is Cayenne Pepper Bad For Dogs?

Cayenne pepper is no stranger if you love pumping up the flavor of your meals for that spicy heat and a bold flavor. No wonder it is a staple in almost all savory dishes and spicy drinks. Dog parents love to spoil their furry friends with tasty treats now and then. It’s hard to resist … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Steak Fat?

As a responsible pet parent, you must research and provide your dog with foods with the perfect balance of nutrients. This is necessary to ensure they eat a filling and balanced diet that meets all their dietary requirements. So, does steak fat provide the right balance in your pup’s diet? Fat is an essential nutrient … Read more

Are Cow Hooves Safe For Dogs?

Dogs need physical and mental stimulation, which explains their playful nature. Lack of adequate motivation leads to boredom. A bored dog can look for other ways to be active, sometimes resulting in a mess. Other times, boredom may develop into depression. You should not let your dog get depressed. To avoid this, you can take … Read more