My Dog Ate Poop How Do I Clean His Mouth – 3 Best Vet-Approved Hacks

Dog parents can agree that their furry companions can exhibit some downright nasty behaviors. If you spend enough time around pups, you’ll eventually witness some of the most dreadful habits. Yes, I am talking about eating poop (coprophagia). Not all pups indulge in this less-than-adorable habit, but if you have one obsessed with wolfing on … Read more

How to Stop Dog From Chewing Carpet?

Did your dog destroy your precious Persian rug? Or does it keep eating the area rugs and carpeting around the house? You may wonder why your pup keeps doing it and, more importantly, how to stop the dog from chewing carpets. First and foremost, you will need to identify the cause for this unwanted behavior … Read more

Why Does My Dog Suck on a Blanket?

Toddlers sucking on their thumbs is something we all know. You’ve likely seen children sucking on blankets or stuffed animals. While compulsive behavior can be cute for toddlers, it is usually not a problem. Most children get over it before they even learn how to tie their shoes. It’s not the same story when it … Read more