Border Collie: Dog Breed Information

If you love dogs for their natural intelligence, then you will be absolutely captivated by the Border Collie. This breed is considered to be the most intelligent of all dog breeds. The dogs from this herding breed are known for their intense stares, which they use to keep an eye on and control the flocks. … Read more

Cavapoo Mixed Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, & Facts

The Cavapoo is among the many crossbreeds with a Poodle as one parent, including the Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles, Maltipoos, and many more Poodle mixes. This particular one is a mix with a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The sweet Cavapoos are playful, curious, and outgoing pups that want the attention they can get and are great … Read more

21 Orange Dog Breeds (The Full List)

Dog breeds can be distinguished by their size and shape. Although every dog is unique, there are some who find orange-colored dogs more beautiful and elegant. Orange fur can be described as red, yellow, gold, ginger or ginger in canine terms. You may find their fur in a variety of shades, from light peachy-orange to … Read more

Doberman Lab Mix – Doberdor ( An Incredible Cross Breed )

This is the Complete Guide to Doberman Lab Mix Dogs The Doberdor combines the Labrador Retriever with Doberman Pinscher. Two breeds are often seen as being at opposite ends of the personality spectrum. Dobermans can be loyal and protective. If socialized well, they can be great family dogs. Labradors love to be greeted by friends and neighbors and welcome any potential burglars into … Read more

25 Gray Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

Grey dogs can be a surprise to some people. It’s one of the rarer breed colors, so it’s quite a sight. It is amazing to see how coat color develops in different dogs. Eumelanin is responsible for colors like liver, blue (gray), and isabella. It’s fascinating to see how temperament and structure can differ between breeds with the same color of fur. Check our list ofgrey hairs. Enjoy! … Read more

17 Chinese Dog Breeds: Ancient & Unique Dogs (with Pictures)

China is a huge country with many adorable dogs. There are many other Chinese breeds of dogs, including the Shih Tzu and Chow Chow. This article will cover all Chinese dog breeds. We will help you if you are considering owning a Chinese dog. Pekingese These adorable small dogs are from the 8th Century when … Read more

10 Wrinkly Dog Breeds With Irresistible Rolls

Some dog breeds are very similar, like Labrador retrievers or golden retrievers. However, some dogs have distinct characteristics. You might notice a unique coat pattern or color, unusual ears or tail shape, or wrinkled skin. Many dog breeds are known for their skin rolls. There are many types of these breeds. Some dogs are active while others prefer to relax in the house. Some dogs are more … Read more

26 Dumbest Dog Breeds & Why We’re Wrong About Them

Dogs are loved by many people, but intelligence is also a major concern. Dogs are used for many jobs including herding livestock, rescuing victims of disasters, and treating blindness and PTSD. You want a dog that is capable of doing the job well. However, this gives us a very strict definition of intelligence which can leave some dogs in the cold. Dog … Read more

Yorkshire Terrier: Dog Breed Information

The Yorkshire Terrier has been among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the USA since 2013, and it seems that it will retain its position of one of the top favorite dogs for American people. There are many reasons why Yorkies are much-preferred family pets and companions. Firstly, they are toy-sized and suitable … Read more

Labradoodle: Dog Breed Information

Originally bred in Australia as low-shedding, hypoallergenic guide dogs, Labradoodles have become one of the most popular and most loved designer dog breeds in the world. A mix between the intelligent and low-shedding Poodle and the friendly and sociable Labrador Retriever, the Labradoodle is among the top preferred Doodles for people looking for the perfect … Read more