Cute Dog Breeds – in All Sizes, Shapes and Colors

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Terrier Breeds: The Full Guide

Terriers get their name from Terra which is Latin for Earth. The dogs from the terrier breed can vary a lot, but overall they have more similarities than differences. These dogs are amazingly intelligent, alert, fast and agile animals, which have their own specific character traits and peculiarities, but as a whole, the dogs from … Read more

27 Great Dogs for Families with Kids

Most people who have dogs consider them as a family and as their own children. But when the human children enter the picture as the family starts to go, things can get more complicated when it comes to having dogs. Not that a dog and a child can’t grow up together as best buddies but … Read more

40+ Small Dog Breeds (with Essential Info and Pictures)

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20+ Hypoallergenic breeds for People with Dog Allergies

Do you or a family member suffer from dog allergies, but you can’t imagine life without a four-legged friend? Unfortunately, you are not alone. In fact, about 10% of all people in the US have some sort of pet allergy. This though shouldn’t stop you from living normally with a dog at home. There are … Read more

20+ Largest Dog Breeds Ever

Are you one of the people who just have a thing about large dogs? If you are thinking about getting a large dog, here are some facts and features about the world’s biggest dog breeds, and everything you need to know before adding one of these big pups to your family. Historically, large dog breeds … Read more