Help! My Dog Ate Glass!

While humans always control what goes into their mouths, dogs do not. They are equal-opportunity eaters as they will put anything that looks or smells edible into their mouth and chomp down on it. This may sometimes be broken shards from light bulbs or glass ornaments. If you suspect your dog ate glass, it can … Read more

My Dog Ate Sunflowers. Are Sunflowers Toxic to Dogs?

Sunflowers are some of the most striking, cheerful blooms. They bring a lot of color and beauty to your outdoor space and can brighten your day. These cheery blooms are the epitome of summer, and their stunning yellow, red, or purple petals are a feast for the eyes. But are sunflowers dog-safe in your yard … Read more

Can Dogs Be Allergic To Chicken?

While most people know that dogs can be allergic to things like pollen and dust, many are surprised to learn that dogs can also be allergic to chicken. In fact, chicken is one of the most common allergens for dogs. Symptoms of a chicken allergy can include itchiness, excessive licking, and hot spots. If your … Read more

My Dog Ate Cat Litter! Here’s What To Do!

If you are like many animal lovers and live in a blended household with cats and dogs, then your pup may show some interest in your kitty’s litter box. But what should you do if your dog ate cat litter? First of all, rest assured because most cat litter is not toxic to canines. So … Read more

How To Give My Dog Honey For Kennel Cough?

Is your pup coughing a lot all day and all night long? Or is retching and spitting out white foam? Unfortunately, this may mean that it has contracted kennel cough. In the milder cases, and with proper care, your pup can get better and be ready to go to the dog park in about a … Read more

Are Dahlias Poisonous To Dogs?

Do you have gorgeous dahlias blooming in your garden from summer to late fall? If you have a dog, you may be wondering whether they pose a threat to it. Unfortunately, the answer to the question “are dahlias poisonous to dogs?” is yes. Dahlias are known to be toxic to cats as well. But luckily, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pine Cones?

Many dog parents have probably wondered at one time or another if it’s okay to let their furry buddy munch on a pine cone. After all, a dog is known for being curious about everything they come across on a walk, and pine cones can look pretty tempting. So, can dogs eat pinecones? The short … Read more

Valerian Root For Dogs- A Natural Way to Calm Your Pup

You know how frustrating it can be if you’ve ever had a bad case of nerves. You may feel on edge, have trouble sleeping, or find it hard to concentrate. Now imagine how your pup feels when they experience anxiety. Fearful events such as thunderstorms, visiting the vet, or changes in routine can cause your … Read more

Is Monstera Toxic To Dogs?

Monstera plants are a type of evergreen native to tropical regions of Central and South America. Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, monsteras are prized for their large, dark green leaves, which are covered in white markings. The ASPCA says Monstera plants contain calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause, excessive drooling,  oral irritation, difficulty … Read more

My Dog Ate Chapstick! What Should I Do?

It’s happened to the best of us – we find something strange and slightly concerning (half-chewed chapstick, in this case), and our first thought is, “Oh no, what has my dog gotten into this time?” While it can be tempting to panic immediately, staying nice and calm and evaluating the situation is crucial. In most … Read more