Can Dogs Eat Capers? Benefits and Risks!

Capers are a great addition to salad dressings, pasta, and sandwiches. Capers are common in Italian and other cuisines due to their rodent flavor and numerous health benefits. Can you enjoy capers with your four-legged friend, though? Every dog owner needs to be careful about choosing dog food and treats. Most of the food we buy in … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Salsa?

Have you ever fought with your dog, trying to get something harmful from them? If you have, you know how hard and heartbreaking it can be when you have to refuse your pet food. This is because not all of our food is safe for dogs to consume, but they don’t understand. Pet owners need … Read more

Can Dogs Rat McDonalds? Are McDonald’s Foods Dog-Friendly?

Did someone say McDonald’s? We can all agree that America’s favorite burger slinger is an irresistible indulgence for most people. When you want to grab a quick, convenient lunch, Mcdonald’s is the go-to place for most of us, thanks to its crave-worthy menu. We love doing life with our fur babies and will gladly share … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Cereal is one of those feel-good snacks. Sour mood? Grab a bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. Can’t sleep and want a late-night snack? Grab a cereal bowl. Are you groggy after a late-night binge-watching your favorite series and want a quick breakfast? Fill up a bowl with cereal. Cinnamon toast crunch has earned a primetime … Read more

Is Bacon Grease Good For Dogs?

Thanks to its crunchy deliciousness, bacon is a favorite food for breakfast in many households. With bacon also comes bacon grease, or what is left after frying your bacon. What can you do with the remaining bacon grease? Some people suggest giving bacon grease to dogs. There are claims that it can help brighten your … Read more

Is String Cheese Safe for Dogs?

Low in fat and high in protein – string cheese is a favorite for many humans. We also love sharing whatever we enjoy with our furry companions. Whether you’re snacking on string cheese or feasting on pizza rolls, it’s likely your furry friend has his eyes fixed on your cheesy snack, begging for a bite. … Read more

Is Erythritol Safe for Dogs?

Most people keep looking for ways to reduce their sugar intake due to the dangers of too much sugar. Enter Erythritol, a sugar alternative that most have turned to because of its benefits. Although it has the same taste as sugar, it has no calories. As a result, it doesn’t affect your insulin or blood … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Salmon Skin?

Dogs can eat cooked or frozen salmon skin, divided into little pieces. Salmon is beneficial to your dog’s skin, nerves, metabolism, and immune system. Along with being healthy, salmon is a tasty and natural source of protein that most dogs will like. Salmon skin is a dog food that dogs like, so feel free to … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Reese’s Pieces?

Reese’s Pieces are a delicious delicacy full of buttery peanut sweetness and covered in a crispy candy coating. While you eat the pieces selfishly, there is no question that your dog will come groveling to you for some Reese’s pieces. Reese’s Pieces are mostly fat and sugar, with a little salt, fiber, protein, and iron. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Parmesan Cheese?

Parmesan is one of the most popular cheese types in meals and snacks. It is a hard cheese that is native to Italy. The cheese is made from cow’s milk aged for a minimum of a year. In Italy, where the recipe for making Parmesan was created, it is known as Parmigiano Reggiano. The name … Read more