Can Dogs Eat Cream Cheese?

Who doesn’t love some cream cheese? This spreadable cheese is creamy, rich in taste, and slightly tangy. But the wide variety available raises the question, is cream cheese safe for dogs? Yes, you can give your dog cream cheese, but you must be careful with any human food fed to dogs. You need to know … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Fig Newtons?

Cookies are a perfect way to start or end your day. Snacking on these cookies is a sure way to boost your energy and get various nutrients, including protein, vitamins, and fiber. Notably, Fig Newtons are a popular choice among many, offering an unmatched savoriness, making it an ideal selection for any household. You’ll likely … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Truffles?

Let’s talk about the edible spores that grow on an underground fungus—truffles! Truffles are often confused for mushrooms, thanks to their shared similarities. These fungi are cultivated and harvested across various parts of the world. Most dogs and pigs have always sniffled these fungi out due to their sharp sense of smell. In addition, truffles … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Black Eyed Peas?

How healthy is it for my dog to eat black-eyed peas? Should I be scared? Understandably, you want the best for your dog, and such questions will always arise. Black-eyed peas are significantly common today, meaning your dog could readily access them. Besides, they are famous for making soups and flavors, particularly in the southern … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Dill? How Safe Is It For Dogs?

It is another day with your beautiful pet—a dog you inherited from your favorite person! As you look at the flavorful herb, dill, you wonder whether it is safe for your dog. This herb is a standard addition to pizzas, seafood dishes, fresh-baked beans, and potato salads. Most people also use dill in crackers, bread, … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Ham? Here’s What Vets Say

Easter and Thanksgiving dinners can never miss one thing – ham. The rich, savory, flavorful meat is a timeless choice if you want to dress your table to impress. You’re serving this classic holiday tradition with Fido stuck by your side, drooling and staring longingly for a bite. Why not cut your furry companion a … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas?

Garbanzo beans, more commonly known as chickpeas, are a staple in most salad recipes and convenient food that is well worth the price. Chickpeas are a plant protein that fits most diets, ranging from regular, to vegetarian, to vegan. With protein being a large part of a dog’s diet, you might have thought to feed … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones?

Dogs have a long association with bones, which is not hard to fathom. The bone may contain bits of meat the canine will gladly munch before going for the juicy and fatty marrow. Next, it uses the bone as a chew toy, gradually chewing on it until nothing is left. Some sneaky dogs may bury … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Squash?

Squash is the name for five vegetables under the curcubit or the gourd family. It also goes by pumpkin or gourd, and many praise it for its vast nutritional benefits. Squash is a must-have vegetable if you are into the healthy-living lifestyle. Besides the flesh that comes in many color variations, the seeds are also … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

Popcorn is a popular snack for humans. When you are at home watching a movie with your family, your furry friend can tempt you to share this salty snack. Is it safe for dogs? Is popcorn bad for them? Most commercial dog foods contain corn, which is not toxic to dogs. It is an economical … Read more